6 Tips For Writing Good Lyrics

How to write good lyrics

Hey,  friend!

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Bruno from the Savemeekmill.com blog, a musician friend who comes from Quebec 🙂 Bruno, will share with us his advice on how to write music lyrics well.

In this new podcast article, we will learn:

What is the purpose of each part of a song and what is its impact on the text?

What is free-writing technique and how to use it

Bruno’s most important advice to really give impact to your lyrics

and some other interesting tips to make writing easier

Thank you Bruno! The antenna is yours;)

Transcript of the podcast

Well, hello there!

Bruno-LesperanceI am Bruno from the ComposerSimplement blog and I welcome you to this new podcast!

This week, as a guest article for ClĂ©ment, I decided to talk about how to write song lyrics. Because when you write popular music, lyrics really do have an important role to play.  When I say “popular music”, it’s mainly music that plays on the radio or streaming or on the Internet or whatever!

Writing lyrics is a rather complex task! Because the lyrics must have an impact on the listener, must make emotions live, it must rhyme together and everything and everything!  So, he’s really a pet peeve for many composers.  That’s why I decided to do research and base myself on one of my experiences when I was writing lyrics for a project when I was studying at Musitechnic.

So here are my 6 tips for writing good lyrics!

1. Know the subject of the song

It seems obvious, but it’s essential!  Because if you don’t have a subject, you’ll scatter!  When writing your lyrics, be aware of what you want to talk about. A sad event?  A joy? A public service announcement you want to report? A story inspired by something you’ve read?  Anything is possible!  When you know what you’re talking about, writing is much easier and easier!

2. Familiarize yourself with the parts of a song

Writing lyrics: a David Bowie manuscript

An original manuscript by David Bowie

By that I mean the intro, the verse, the chorus and the bridge!  The different parts of a song do not all have the same impact when it comes to the lyrics.

The intro is mainly used to introduce the instrumental and install the atmosphere.

The verses are used to advance the progress of the song.  Something is happening in the first verse, it will change in the second and if you want to put a third verse, there is no problem, but the important thing is to tell your story and move on.

The chorus, on the other hand, must remain catchy!  In popular music, it is repeated 2 to 3 times.  The lyrics must contain the main idea of the song (and the title of course!).

The bridge also advances history in the same way as the verses!

3. Writing lyrics with the free-writing technique

I already mentioned it in one of my articles at the very beginning, but it’s about writing in a predetermined time and you write everything that comes into your head without any restraint, without any censorship! When you are finished, you reread yourself and sort through the information and keep what is consistent!  I’m posting the link right here!

4. Be explicit and detailed in the lyrics and picture them

Writing lyrics that convey emotionsThe most important advice in my opinion! It shouldn’t be bland!  I will give you an example:

This girl, I want to kiss her.

It doesn’t say much!  But here is a more detailed and colourful version:

That girl who’s been in my thoughts every day for months.  I can no longer resist my unbearable desire.  I suddenly meet her when I take her by the hand and with my whole body, I put her against the cement wall next to me.  After a few giggles and smiles, our eyes crossed each other and gave off such a burning intensity that even Lucifer himself could not bear the heat.  Closing my eyes, I lie down passionately, tilting my head to the side until my lips touch hers and time around me seems to stop.

You have to give the listener the impression that he is there and that he is going through all this!  When you have developed this side, your words will really have an impact!

5. See the progress of the story through the different parts

Here again, it is a question of moving forward. You’re telling a story!  To take my example:

1st verse, You meet this girl.

In the chorus, you express yourself how crazy you are about her.

In the second verse, you tell how she keeps your mind occupied.

You repeat the chorus

At the bridge, you kiss her explicitly.

If necessary, you talk about the continuation in a 3rd verse or towards the end.

6. Combine singing with instrumental

When writing your verses, your choruses, it is to formulate them in such a way that the rhymes are present and above all easy to sing. Of course, you wouldn’t want to run out of breath!  Test, write your chorus/couplets and prioritize short sentences and try it!  As you recite your words, see if you run out of breath, words that are missing, vocalizations to add, the need to take a break.  It’s up to you!

BONUS TIP: ask for an external opinion

See if your words have an impact if you make someone read them.  Or if you play them!  I’ve said it a lot, but when you’re in the process of a song, you don’t always step back.  But when someone from outside comes to listen to our song, they can give us a different opinion.  And you can see if you correct yourself or if you continue.

Ask for an opinion when writing lyrics

The final word

So, it was my 6 tips I had to give you to write lyrics.  I hope it gave you a hand and I’m happy to write to ClĂ©ment because he had already told me that the lyrics were his pet peeve.  So it was a pleasure to base myself on my personal experiences or that!  If you ever have any comments or anything else to say, you can comment below and I will be happy to write about it.

But in the meantime, it was the podcast “6 tips for writing good lyrics”.  I am Bruno from the Savemeekmill.com blog and I tell you how you are doing!

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