Mac Miller’s Parents Receive Their Son’s Grammy Nomination

mac miller

His latest album ‘Swimming’ is among the best rated in the hip hop scene. For this reason, the artist received a nomination for the prestigious award, which will be attended by his parents on behalf of the singer, who died in September last year.

Only a few days after it came to light that the parents of the late artist Mac Miller were planning to attend the awards ceremony of the next edition of the Grammy Awards, a date in which the artist will compete in the category of best rap album for his acclaimed album ‘Swimming’, now sources close to the parents of the singer confirmed that the couple will attend the event and, moreover, that both are very excited at the prospect of their son proclaiming himself the winner. (You may be interested: Mac Miller died of an overdose, according to a forensic report)

“Malcolm’s family was thrilled to hear that his son had received a nomination for his album. The truth is that both are convinced that this is the most important and innovative hip hop album of the year, and if they finally have to go on stage to collect the award on their behalf, the two of them will make sure to pay Malcolm the tribute he so deserved,” a source told Us Weekly magazine.

If his wishes are not fulfilled, Miller’s parents, who was also known for the sentimental relationship he had with singer Ariana Grande until last May, hope that Cardi B will be the recipient of such a prestigious award, which Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and Drake also opt for. “If Malcolm wins the award, it will undoubtedly be the most bittersweet moment of their lives. And if he doesn’t win, [Mac Miller’s parents] would like Cardi B to do it,” the informant added. (You may be interested: Ariana Grande, target of criticism and accusations because of Mac Miller’s death.)

Just two days ago, Mac Miller’s family and friends commemorated in the strictest intimacy what would have been his 27th birthday, a very sad anniversary given the circumstances, but as the confidant explained, it served all to honor the memory of the young rapper and support each other in these difficult times.

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